51055 designs Flash samples

The following show a range of uses for Flash, from simple banner ads to fully-functioning standalone applications, from simple animation to dynamic Actionscript-driven interactive multimedia. All made by Andy. Try them out.

splash pages   idontexist.com   immediately establish your brand image
    51055 designs   as seen on the front of this site long ago
    voicesquad voice-over agency    
eye candy   NOW interactive hiphop poster   colour-me-in fun...
retro games   hunt the sausage   enhance site stickiness
    cross dressing    
    flyer delivery    
agitprop games   rhino game   make your message fun
mp3 players   streaming samples (ibook interface)   add multimedia to your site
    streaming samples (ipod interface)   in these cases, MCLars samples
standalone apps   celtic knot design   escape the limitations of web-bound media
  interactive taco recipe    
ident movies   like a splash page, but smaller   small animations for site's main page
banner ads   vivian stanshall website   intrigue and attract more traffic
message board   php based guest book   get feedback from your visitors
animation   Cannibalism at the Sin-A-Go-Go  
Sir Henry at Rawlinson End (a surrealing comedy)
    uncle otto gets blotto   Xmas at Rawlinson End - Part 2
    Closing of the year   Tear-jerker for forum for parents of AS kids