Celtic Art

I have been studying and drawing for thirty years and still find it fascinating. I started by copying designs from George Bain's masterwork, but always wanted to develop my own designs. This, and the arrival of my first computer, led me to work out a geometry for celtic knotwork. This in turn led to my first book; the very successful 'How to Draw Celtic Knotwork'.
Celtic art has a magical quality, not least for the fact that until the arrival of the computer no-one had managed to copy the complexity and beauty of the original manuscripts. The combination of strict geometry and wild imagination was dismissed for centuries as primitive and merely decorative, but in the last generation it has finally been re-evaluated. If it can shake off its 'arts & crafts' image, it may well make an impact on the mainstream. There is already at least one artist working with fractally-generated knotwork based on my system. It also has bizarre connections to string theory and may lead to an understanding of complexity
And if you would like to model the 3d knotwork sections I've designed, please get in touch.

the sixth commandment (pdf) as the celtic christians would know it
the sixth ammendment (pdf) Brother Warner's page
traditional celtic oath (pdf)
Flash knot drawing programme, especially for visitors from thinkythings. Enjoy.