web site design
and search engine optimisation

I have 15 years experience of designing web pages.

My first professional site was the Dumpie (Scotland's national chicken) National Association site using Simpletext. In the early 90's I designed an online booking system for bed and breakfasts for the Dumfries and Galloway Tourist Board (though it wasn't actually implemented, a similar system was implemented several years later).
Since then I have made sites for Universities, Shops, recording studios, greetings card manufacturers, small businesses and, of course, myself.
I am proficient in CSS, PHP, Javascript and other peculiar languages, and can program just about anything in Actionscript.
And I won't try to sell you anything you don't need - simplicity works best and costs least. Unless, of course, you want wistles and bells and flashing banners, in which case I can do that too.

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Headingley Pianos